How to Make the Most Out of Instagram Guides

May 17, 2021
Instagram Guides

In case you missed out on the Guides section on Instagram, you better keep reading and change the whole game!

Instagram Guides are somehow a new feature that boosts reach and helps your content get visible to more people than you think. 

We know how disturbing it is for an Instagram user to not be able to share their articles and help followers quickly read them and share their comments right away. Of course, Instagram has tons of other solutions when it comes to adding links, such as the link in bio or the Swipe-up action (if the account has more than 10K followers).

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How to Make the Most Out of Instagram Guides

So, here we go: we’re using Instagram Guides almost every day to share our articles, just like the Creators do.

Things you need to know about Instagram Guides:

  • There’s no limit on the number of guides you create.
  • Instagram Guides can be easily shared to the Story or with our audience through Direct Messages
  • Titles can be up to 63 characters and descriptions can be up to 2200 characters.
  • Hashtags are important to filter your guides, so try to use them.
  • You can also tag other accounts on the Guides.

If you want to create your first Guide, you can follow these steps:

  • Click the plus icon on the top of your profile on Instagram.

follow these steps to create your first Guide

  • Select Guide

Guide option on IG

  • Choose the desired guide type: Places (recommend locations near you or elsewhere); Products (list all of your favorite products from Instagram Shops); and Posts (the ones that you’ve shared or saved).

In case you don’t see that option, worry less. You can still get Guides if you go to another profile that already has them set up. For example, you can go to Publer’s Instagram account and select the Guides icon. Select the desired Guide and scroll down at the bottom. You can now view the ‘Create a new Guide’ option. 

Instagram Guides are the best way to add some extra text regarding the topic that you prefer.

Here’s how you can use Instagram Guides to your benefit:

  • Share giveaway rules and necessary information
  • ‘How-tos’ and tutorials
  • Share your shopping items and add more content 
  • Answer FAQs and other important queries
  • Make your brand an introduction or share a Year in Review
  • Share tips & tricks, or myths related to your niche
  • Collaborate with influencers and share their content or an interview
  • Share success/failure stories to inspire your audience

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