Get into the Holiday Spirit! Social Media Holiday Calendar – December 2022

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! ❄️

And the busiest time of the year for our Social Media Holiday Calendar elves…

December is not only ✨ packed ✨ with festive holidays, but it is also a month full of significant awareness dates.

98 dates; 98 fresh content ideas for your business or brand; 98 new marketing ideas to plan; and 98 more reasons to have a wonderful end of the year.

Social Media Holiday Calendar December 2022 Publer

We know how important this period is for your business, though.

That’s why we’re giving a helping hand by getting you ready for the busiest month of the year! Our monthly Social Media Holiday Calendar is a great way for your business to prepare content and schedule all social posts beforehand. This way you don’t need to worry about your social channels, and you can focus more on other business matters.

Social media holidays have been a tradition on Publer since June 2020 – and we couldn’t be happier and more motivated to prepare them each month.

We love sharing them with you because they can help you stress less when it comes to new content ideas. We’ve added all social media holidays to our Calendar View for days when inspiration for new content hasn’t struck. From there, you’re only one click away from preparing a brand new post, along with the holiday hashtag that gets automatically attached.

How to Curate Your SM Plan with Publer

Design unique photos and videos

This December, it’s important to get creative and prepare some color-branded visuals to attract new customers. People love beautiful designs and can easily interact with them.

This is why Publer provides multiple options for you to take advantage of:

Canva and VistaCreate (Crello) – Use the respective integrated buttons to prepare and store everything within Publer. Make the most out of the range of elements, templates, fonts, etc.

Note: While the current Publer IU is different from the video, the feature remains the same.

Unsplash – Browse and find high-quality stock and copyright-free photos to use.

Built-in photo editor – Publer offers its own editor that allows you to add text, effects, filters, stickers, and most importantly, crop according to your needs (square, rectangle, etc.).

Content Suggestion is a built-in tool that generates tons of new articles, based on your preferences: keywords, language, date, popularity, etc.

You can use that to get some topic ideas for the next blog posts in December. Maybe, your brand is all about Christmas ornaments. Well, write a whole article about that and attach as many beautiful products to easily purchase as possible.

Automate giveaways/sales

You know you can create recurring posts that pop up on everyone’s feed so they can easily get notified about updates, right?

This is a great way to prepare and remind your audience about new sales in your store during different holidays.

We hope you always take advantage of the monthly social media holidays! Below you can see the full list of this December’s special dates:

In case you missed out on these updates:

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