The latest updates from TikTok (May 2021)

TikTok is now one of the most used social platforms in the world. Over 800 million users and with almost every other social network trying to imitate, it still is a powerful and loved app.

We’re sure that at least once you’ve seen a video that’s been created on the platform. Every user is becoming more and more creative and what matters most is the fast spread of information and how brands are actually using it.

Here’s a list of what you might have missed out the latest TikTok updates:


The platform cares about the correct spread of information. This is why it is using its Creators and other potential users to spread information and use the hashtag #factcheckyourfeed whenever they post.

According to TikTok:

#FactCheckYourFeed has kicked off with a series all about critical thinking and news literacy, covering topics including how to think critically and build an argument, recognizing fake news and misinformation, and how to consume a balanced ‘news diet’.

TikTok also states:

In a time when it’s more important than ever that we can trust and engage with what we’re watching online, our ambition is for #FactCheckYourFeed to encourage our community to dig a little deeper and think a little wider. Developing these important skills will not only help people while online but in their everyday lives.

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Kids Safety

The platform cares about the kids’ safety as well. It is always developing new resources to make sure that kids are using the app in the safest mode. What helps the parents understand how it is really taking a good thought of this is the Guardian’s Guide to the platform.  There’s also a bullying prevention guide that avoids any kind of issue related to kids.

This is one of the most important topics and main strategies for TikTok and they’ve actually hired potential experts that give their contributes.

One of the most used and suggested tools is the comment filter. Everyone can easily filter their comments based on keywords. This is extremely helpful to help mental health issues and not impact negatively, not only for the young.

Photo by Obi Onyeador on Unsplash

The most downloaded app for April 2021

According to, this app was the most downloaded non-gaming app worldwide for April 2021 with more than 59 million installs.

We’ve seen almost all other social networks imitate TikTok’s main features. For example, Instagram has now Reels that are being used a lot by almost everyone. Instagram has also announced Duets (for the ones who want to earn more engagement and reach more people).

YouTube has its TikTok-lookalike feature called ‘Shorts’. Snapchat has also announced its new feature, called Spotlight.

Besides the fast spread of TikTok-lookalike features all over the major social networks, TikTok is still one of the most important and most used social networks for all ages.

eCommerce options on TikTok

TikTok is also aiming to become more and more powerful with time. It is currently testing new ways to promote eCommerce options for all creators and potential users.

According to Bloomberg:

“TikTok has been testing and learning with e-commerce offerings and partnerships, and we are constantly exploring new ways” to add value, the company said in an emailed statement. “We will provide updates as we explore these important avenues for our community of users, creators, and brands.”

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