How to Use TweetDeck for Social Listening and Research

November 04, 2022

If you use Twitter, even if you are not the most active account, TweetDeck might interest you.

The desktop free interface helps you to keep better track of your tweets easily.

Even if you are using Tweetdeck, you may not know all its features and how to use it for market research. That’s what you are going to learn today.

Let’s find out what TweetDeck is, the features you can benefit from, and how to use TweetDeck for market research.

What is TweetDeck?

Anyone with a Twitter account can use the free interface named TweetDeck. It is ideal for managing multiple Twitter accounts, scheduling content for social media, improving organization, and keeping up with the most recent hashtags and trends.

TweetDeck is a column-based display. Your main timeline, notifications, direct messages, scheduled tweets, lists, and so on can all be organized in a column. You can customize columns by adding, removing, and moving them.


It’s worth mentioning that there is no mobile app. You can use TweetDeck only from your desktop.

TweetDeck Features

We have listed the three main features of TweetDeck. Read below which are those and how you can benefit from them.


You can customize any column, though the available options vary depending on the kind of column you’re working with. You can, for instance, select whether or not to include retweets in the tweets displayed on one of your lists and whether or not to display tweets that only match or exclude particular keywords. A list column can also be restricted to specific tweet authors or mentions of specific tweet authors.

You can turn on or off desktop notifications and sounds for specific columns. However, if you use this with feeds that are updated frequently, you should be careful, or you may become overwhelmed with alerts.

You can set additional interface options by selecting Settings from the icon in the lower-left corner of the TweetDeck interface. You can switch between dark and light modes or change the width of the columns and the size of the fonts used, and disable real-time tweet streaming.

Real-Time Twitter Feeds

In contrast to Twitter, where the tweets of the people you follow are typically displayed in a single column, TweetDeck, with its extensive layout, allows you to display many more columns alongside this one. So, if you have a widescreen screen, you can see a truckload of tweets.

So, you could create a search term for a specific hashtag on a story about breaking news and watch for tweets as they come in. You could make a list of the most interesting Twitter users you follow and use that list in place of your timeline if you need a quick update on what’s going on with the social network.

Manage Multiple Accounts

You could even create multiple lists for various times of the day and switch between these columns depending on whether or not you are working.

TweetDeck is able to manage multiple accounts through the same interface, giving you more control over what you see on Twitter and when, and the order in which the columns are displayed is up to you. That’s perfect for a social media manager.

How to Do Use TweetDeck for Market Research

Below we will explain what Twitter lists are and how to create them. What is the location search, and how can they simplify and organize your research while enabling you to gather more data in a shorter amount of time.

Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are collections of Twitter users. For example, if you want to know what’s happening in a certain location, you might have a list of all the correspondents there.

Then, whenever a breaking news event occurs in a certain location, you can check the feed for your lists and only see tweets from the members of those lists. This reduces your feed’s noise by only showing you the news relevant to your interests.

In addition, you can add any of these Twitter users to your list without following any of them. As a result, you can categorize them independently and completely separate from your Twitter feed.

Adding a Twitter List to Your Tweetdeck

Twitter lists are displayed in real-time at the top of users’ profiles, next to their number of followers and likes. How to create a list?

  1. Go to “Lists” by clicking on your Twitter icon in the upper right corner of your home page
  2. The next option is “Create a new list” on the right

You can make your list public or private. Anyone who has been added to it will be notified if you make it public.

Also, you probably aren’t the only person interested in particular lists. So you do not want to start from scratch. Many people can be interested in what you are interested in. There are two ways to locate these lists.

Now, suppose you discovered a list that interests you for research. You can follow the list’s contents in one of two ways. 

  1. One is that you can subscribe to the list through Twitter, which will let you see it on your profile and in TweetDeck. However, you won’t be able to change the list. You won’t be able to remove or add people to it, because the list creator will be notified that you have subscribed.
  2. Or you can use the tool that most researchers use called Twitter List Copy. Once you start using this open-source tool, you won’t have to pay anything and it’s pretty easy to use. In order to use it, you will need to sign in to your Twitter account.

Location Search

One of the most beneficial ways to utilize TweetDeck for many researchers is to search for tweets by location. You can collect information about a location over time on Twitter even if you don’t have a keyword. You can filter the tweets by location.

You may have noticed that a search column’s filter options include a “Location” option. However, you cannot passively monitor all tweets from a specific location and must have a keyword in mind to use this.

You must also use the name of a location that Twitter recognizes, such as a large city when using this “Location” filter option. It doesn’t work with arranges, which can be more valuable for analysts intrigued by remote regions of the planet. If you do not use this filter option and then use the geocode search method.

Key Takeaways

Let’s summarize in key points what you learned today: 

  • TweetDeck is ideal for managing multiple Twitter accounts, scheduling content for social media, improving organization, and keeping up with the most recent hashtags and trends
  • You can benefit from three main TweetDeck features, as Customization, Real-Time Twitter Feeds and Managing Multiple Accounts
  • TweetDeck is great for market researchers as it simplifies and organizes your research while enabling you to gather more data quickly

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