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Workspaces – 3 New Advantages on Our Product Update

April 28, 2020
Manage your team in dedicated workspaces on Publer. Learn how you can benefit from the teams feature update.

Social media management is much easier as a team, but what if you’re a big marketing agency managing the social accounts of hundreds of clients? There’s only one-fit-all answer:


Switching between workspaces

Team collaboration is the previous feature used to facilitate our users’ daily tasks within a digital team environment. Even on the free version, Publer includes one user and one workspace. Moreover, based on your plan, you can invite other members to the existing workspace or create additional teams. You can also be part of other teams.

Think of workspaces as a unique dashboard with a specific group of team members who add each other by email and work on the same social accounts, manage posts, and review analytics. 

From Team Collaborations to Workspaces Real Quick!

Easy-to-navigate Dashboard 

Previously, if you had more than one team, you would see the team you currently use below your name in the top right corner. You’ll now see the workspace titles and access its members from one dashboard.

With the new update, workspaces are created to simplify this process. On your left, you can easily view all team members and added social accounts regardless of your existing role.

Easy-to-navigate Dashboard via new workspaces feature

Assign Roles & Tasks

Each member (admin or editor) can post on the assigned social accounts as owner or as themselves. 

Depending on the plan, each team has only one owner and can have other members as admins or editors. Take a look at the permissions table below for each role:

 Owner Admin Editor

View billing details

Add & delete social accounts

Add, modify & remove admins

View, add, modify & remove editors

Assign the social accounts that has access to, to other members

Modify settings for the assigned social accounts

Edit team name & picture

Approve posts for the assigned social accounts

Edit, delete & publish other member’s posts for the assigned social accounts

Full posting access on the assigned social accounts
If specified by the owner or an admin

Edit, delete & publish own posts

View other members posts for the assigned social accounts
✅ ✅ 

View insights for the assigned social accounts

New Workspaces 

To create a new workspace and manage all the members from now on, you can simply click on your existing plan and create a new workspace. The step-by-step process from adding a title, selecting your industry, adding social accounts and team members, will take just a few minutes for you. This saves much time, and it’s easier to find than going to your profile, managing teams, and proceeding by adding members and social accounts on separated functionalities.

From Team Collaborations to creating new Workspaces 

Social Accounts

The new dashboard marks a significant new update: managing social media channels directly from workspaces instead of going through a longer process.

The “accounts” element on the previous main dashboard got included within workspaces just as a simple horizontal drag-and-drop editor.

Add social accounts on new workspaces


Both paid plans offer team collaborations unless you’re a one-person show. While you won’t be able to create additional workspaces (more than one) under the free plan, there will be extra costs in the paid plans charging an extra 2$ and 3$ per member for Professional and Business respectively.

As we’re always opting to provide an easier dashboard to work with and constantly trying to be as transparent as possible, we want to enclose this article by assuring you that you won’t need to add the same social accounts to more than one workspace.

Wrapping it up:

Workspaces are the New Update regarding Team Collaborations Feature
opting for an easier way to navigate dashboard

and a better combination of functionalities!

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