Guide to Using Hashtags on Twitter to Increase Your Reach

February 24, 2023
hashtags on twitter

Twitter is one of the largest social networks. As per the latest Twitter statistics, the platform has over 450 million active monthly users, and nearly 500 Million tweets are sent daily. Hashtags are an integral part of Twitter and help categorize content so users can easily find it.

Stats indicate that tweets with hashtags receive twice the level of engagement than those without, making them a great way to spread the word about your brand and content. This guide will show you how to optimally use hashtags on Twitter to increase your reach, engagement, and visibility.

What Is a Hashtag?

A hashtag is a keyword preceded by a hash symbol (#). They are used to categorize content and make it easier to find. When you click on a hashtag, you’ll be taken to a page showing all the posts tagged with it. 

Why Are Hashtags on Twitter Important?

Twitter is a platform that values visibility, and hashtags are an essential tool for increasing reach. They allow you to connect with new people who may not have seen your content otherwise, thus improving brand awareness.

Hashtags are also a great way to drive conversations and engage with others on the platform. People can use hashtags to follow a conversation from the beginning or join in with their own opinions on the topic. This engagement is invaluable for brands looking to build relationships with their customers and create a positive presence on Twitter.

What Hashtags are Trending on Twitter?

As of 28th January 2023, the top 10 Twitter trends are:

  1. #BeyourluvexBuild
  1. You People

695K Tweets

Category: Entertainment


10.1K Tweets

Category: Pop

  1. #ぎらぎらほしまち

79.4K Tweets

Category: Entertainment

  1. Lauren London

Category: Entertainment 

  1. #Wordle588

Category: Video games

  1. #LoveAfterLockup

Category: Entertainment

  1. Daily Quordle 369

Category: Gaming

  1. harry styles

53.3K Tweets

Category: Pop

  1. Kenya Barris

1,131 Tweets

Category: Movies & TV

3 Ways to Find and Use the Best Hashtags on Twitter

There are a few different ways you can find and use hashtags on Twitter to increase your reach, engagement, and visibility. Here are the three best ways to find and use hashtags on Twitter.

Use the Best Hashtags on Twitter

Use Twitter’s Native Search

With Twitter’s native search tool, you can easily keep up with the latest trending hashtags. Simply click #Explore, and it’ll show you the hashtags trending in your region. You can change the location to find trending hashtags in other countries. 

Twitter advanced search tool is also great if you want to review your target audience and keep track of brand mentions. 

Observe Influencer’s and Competitor’s Tweets

If you want to use hashtags relevant to your industry, then observing the tweets of influencers or competitors in your niche to see which hashtags they are using can be helpful. This works great because they’ve already done the research and some legwork for you, so you don’t have to spend time finding the right hashtags.

Use Hashtag Research Tools

Several online tools can help you to find and track hashtags. For example, using TweetDeck for social listening is a great way to keep up with recent hashtags and topics, allowing you to monitor tweets in real-time. You can also switch between accounts and create hashtag lists, making tracking the latest industry trends easy.

Other great hashtag research tools include RiteTag, Tweet Archivist, Hashtagify, Trendsmap, and SocialAlert.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Hashtags on Twitter

twitter hashtags dos and donts

Using hashtags on Twitter effectively increases your reach and visibility, but using them correctly is essential. Here are some do’s and don’ts to ensure your hashtags are working for you.


Use Them Regularly: To keep followers engaged and potential new followers interested, it’s essential to use hashtags regularly. Try to tweet a few times daily with one or two relevant hashtags to ensure your content gets seen and reaches the right people.

Use hashtags regularly

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Make Them Easy to Remember: Using easy-to-remember and spell hashtags will help your followers quickly find the conversation. Short, simple words tend to stick in people’s heads better than long, complicated words.

Research: As mentioned before, researching the best hashtag for your content and industry is a great way to ensure you’re targeting the right people. Make sure the hashtags you use are relevant and related to your content, as well as popular and trending.

Team Up With Influencers: If you want to increase your reach, teaming up with micro-influencers is a great way to do it. Influencers have access to a large audience and can help you spread the word about your content and increase engagement.

You can use user-generated content if you don’t have the budget to collaborate with influencers. Run a contest on Twitter and ask your followers to use a certain hashtag. This will help increase engagement and give you quality content to post.

Keep Your Audience Engaged: It’s essential to keep your followers engaged and interested in the content you post. Make sure to use hashtags in a way that will spark conversation and encourage user interaction. If you want to limit the reach of your Tweets, create Twitter circles so that only certain users can see your Tweets.


Use Too Many Hashtags: Using too many hashtags can turn people away. Research suggests that tweets with one to two hashtags can get you 21% more engagement, but Tweets with more than two hashtags might have 17% lesser engagement.

Use Hashtags in CAPITALS: Using hashtags in all capitals can be seen as shouting, so it’s best to avoid this. Instead, use the hashtags in lowercase to appear more conversational and friendly.

Turn Your Brand Slogan into a Hashtag: Using a brand slogan as a hashtag can make your tweet seem too promotional. Stick with interesting and relevant topics your audience will be interested in engaging with.

Key Takeaways

Hashtags are an essential tool on Twitter to help you reach a larger audience and increase engagement with your content.

Here’s what we covered in the article:

  • With Twitter’s Native Search Feature, you can discover trending hashtags and analyze their popularity.
  • Keeping an eye on your competitors and influencers can help you better understand what hashtags are being used in your industry.
  • Use hashtag research tools such as TweetDeck to keep up with recent hashtags and topics.
  • Make sure you use hashtags regularly, prefer short and simple terms over long ones, research the best hashtag for your content and industry, collaborate with influencers, and keep your followers engaged.
  • Avoid using too many hashtags, using them in all caps, and turning your brand slogan into a hashtag.

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