Top 5 Industries Using Social Media Management Tools

industries using social media management tools

For many business owners, social media is the best way to boost your activity by engaging more and more with customers. You can easily communicate about your brand, launch a new product or service, or point out the latest trends in your sector.

Yet, keep in mind that not all social platforms are right for your business. Some work better than others. To maximize your online presence and beat your competitors, focus on the social media that highlight your business the best.

So in today’s blog, we are going to discuss:

  • Top 5 industries using social media management tools
  • Industries that benefit the most from social media marketing
  • Delve into the advantages it brings to businesses
  • How helpful can social media management tools be?

Let’s get started.

5 Industries that Must Use Social Media Management Tools

First, let’s take a look at how different industries use social platforms to promote their brand and why they should use a social media management solution like Publer.

Marketing Agencies

First off, marketing agencies lead the way in using social media. They must manage product promotions and services for many clients and know the latest features on every social platform.These agencies are real experts when it comes to using LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok to connect with people and run successful campaigns.

How Publer Can Help Marketing Agencies?

Marketing agencies often struggle with handling several social media channels simultaneously, especially with multiple clients.Publer is a tool that simplifies this process by allowing you to manage all your clients’ social media from one platform. With Publer, you can easily access various social media such as:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Google Business
  • YouTube
  • WordPress
  • Telegram

Plus, Publer offers a helpful feature for bulk scheduling, allowing marketers to handle more than 500 posts at once for marketing campaigns. Last, social media managers can also use the “Workspaces” function that lets clients monitor and approve content at any time.

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Fashion and Lifestyle

Instagram is the top choice for fashion and lifestyle companies due to its perfect format for displaying trends and products.

Besides, TikTok is gaining popularity in this sector due to its viral potential with short videos. While Pinterest has a smaller user base compared to Instagram and TikTok, it still holds significant potential for these companies.

Here is how you can directly post videos on TikTok via Publer: Schedule and Post Directly to TikTok

How Can Publer Help the Fashion Industry?

In fashion, you must be creative to catch people’s attention and strengthen your brand. Publer gets this and allows influencers to use tools like Canva and VistaCreate right in its platform.

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canva integration

With these integrated features, you can craft engaging and distinctive posts and publish them directly on your preferred social media channels. Also, Publer goes beyond post-creation by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to find the best content for your followers. It includes suggesting relevant hashtags to boost post visibility and providing automated responses to manage numerous comments.

For instance, when you are composing a reply, AI Assist takes over to complete your sentence, streamlining the communication process and saving you time.

Publer’s AI capabilities help fashion businesses enhance their social media strategy and ensure a more interactive and efficient brand engagement with their audience.

Healthcare and Fitness

Instagram proves to be the most effective platform for fitness enthusiasts. Next comes YouTube and Facebook, followed by TikTok, whose short video format is perfectly suited to this sector.

Influencers and fitness coaches can easily interact with their community and share content about workouts, successes, and motivation by effectively managing their online presence.

How Can Publer Help Fitness Sector?

The health and fitness sectors have become highly competitive for influencers, making it challenging to distinguish oneself. However, using a solution like Publer can be a game-changer in standing out from the competition. 

This social media tool provides numerous useful features, including automatic post-scheduling. With this option, you can easily set the publication date and time on an interactive calendar once your posts are ready.

Moreover, Publer analyzes the performance of your previous posts to offer valuable insights and suggest the best posting times for optimal engagement.

best times to post social media

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Real Estate

Agents, brokers, and property managers use mainly Facebook and Instagram to showcase properties and expand their network.

These two social media have become a go-to platform for creating targeted ads and encouraging friends to share property listings, sparking valuable conversations and generating interest.

According to the National Association of Realtors, 46% of Realtors agree that social media is the best tool for generating quality leads, making it almost as effective as referrals in securing new listings.

Given that selling homes is a visual process, Instagram proves to be an ideal platform for showcasing attractive properties and captivating potential buyers with stunning visuals.

How Can Publer Help Real Estate Business?

Using Publer to manage social media for the real estate sector offers many advantages, especially when it comes to promoting apartment offers on Instagram or Facebook. With Publer’s features, real estate professionals can easily schedule posts to be published at specific times.

The option for recurring posts ensures that the same offer is republished at strategic intervals, increasing visibility and maximizing the chances of attracting potential clients.

This approach ensures that no opportunity is missed, and real estate agents can persistently reach out to their target audience with relevant and engaging content.

Legal Services

Social media has become a vital tool for legal services, where reputation holds immense significance. Clients seek trustworthy and understanding attorneys to handle their cases.

Leveraging social media, attorneys can effectively showcase their expertise, providing valuable information to address user questions while remaining mindful of legal limitations. This approach allows them to establish their professional personality and build trust with potential clients. 

How Publer Helps?

Publer is a valuable tool for legal services to manage their social media presence. It helps in monitoring and responding to client comments, maintaining a strong E-reputation. Legal professionals can showcase expertise on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, positioning themselves as thought leaders.

schedule linkedin posts

With Publer’s streamlined scheduling, they can maintain a consistent online presence, attracting and engaging potential clients. This platform simplifies social media management, empowering lawyers to focus on core legal responsibilities while boosting their online presence.

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