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LinkedIn Scheduler Vs. Any Social Media Management Tool

June 05, 2023
LinkedIn Scheduler

The LinkedIn audience is known for its maturity and professionalism, setting it apart from Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

study shows that more than 20% of LinkedIn’s user base consists of senior-level influencers and decision-makers.

So, when used strategically, LinkedIn has the potential to generate a higher number of B2B leads compared to any other social platform.

You can significantly increase your website traffic by sharing relevant and informative content on your LinkedIn company page. To maximize your networking potential, consider exporting your LinkedIn contacts and engaging with them regularly.

And with the new LinkedIn scheduler option available on the platform, you can simplify your tasks and boosts the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.

In today’s article, we will briefly compare the LinkedIn scheduler and any social media management tool to help you select the optimal solution for growing your social media presence. Moreover, we will cover:

  • Is it important to schedule LinkedIn posts?
  • LinkedIn Vs. any social media management tool.
  • How to schedule posts with LinkedIn Scheduler?
  • How to schedule posts on LinkedIn using a social media management tool?

Let’s get started to find your solution to your LinkedIn content.

The Importance of Scheduling Posts on LinkedIn

Crafting the perfect social media post involves multiple tasks, from writing engaging captions to designing eye-catching visuals.

For social media managers and individuals managing their LinkedIn pages and profiles, the last-minute rush to create a post can take time and effort to manage. However, there is a solution: scheduling posts in advance.

By scheduling LinkedIn posts ahead of time, you can save a significant amount of time while maintaining a consistent content strategy.

Once you have your monthly or weekly social media content calendar ready, you can simply schedule them when you perform better. We have an article that might interest you: Best times to post on LinkedIn.

With LinkedIn’s Scheduler option, you’ll have more time to focus on the performance of each of your posts and continuously improve your content strategy.

It might interest you: LinkedIn Video Specs: Guide to LinkedIn Video Resolutions

Shortly, here are the pros of scheduling your LinkedIn content:

  • Save time and be efficient
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Reach your audience without missing any important date
  • Create brand and consistency

LinkedIn Scheduler Vs. Any Social Media Automation Tool

LinkedIn finally introduced the post scheduler option, which was highly anticipated, particularly in comparison to platforms like Facebook that have already provided this feature.

With this new addition, let’s explore its functionality and briefly compare these options to help you select the optimal solution for effectively managing and expanding your social media presence.

How to Schedule Posts with LinkedIn Scheduler?

Let’s get to the steps:

  • Login to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Tap Start a post at the top of your LinkedIn homepage. Then, Create a Post pop-up window appears.
  • Type the content of your post.
  • Next, Click the Clock icon in the lower-right corner to schedule your post. (You can select the time 1 hour to 3 months from the current time.)
How to Schedule Posts with LinkedIn Scheduler
  • Choose your preferred date and time. (Scheduled time will be standardized in UTC based on your device’s time zone settings.)
  • Then click Next
  • Hit Schedule. (A post scheduled confirmation pop-up will appear on the lower left of the page.)
scheduled content

Easy as that, there is your scheduled content through LinkedIn Scheduler.

While the post scheduling option on LinkedIn is undoubtedly helpful, it has limitations when it comes to managing multiple accounts simultaneously. This feature only functions for one account at a time.

Plus, it’s important to highlight that LinkedIn’s post scheduling lacks a preview feature before validation, which can lead to errors and slow down the process.

Next, we will discuss scheduling posts through third-party apps and their benefits, using the best time to post, and analytics to create a better social media strategy and manage them in one platform.

Read on.

How to Schedule Posts on LinkedIn Using a Social Media Tool?

Firstly, if you do not know what a social media automation tool is, then here is what you can do more than scheduling:

  • The process of social media automation optimizes the tasks you perform for your social media activities.
  • Its purpose is to decrease the amount of time spent on managing your social media networks.
  • Direct your attention to other tasks such as analyzing data and coming up with better strategies to grow your social media presence.

Let’s take the example of using Publer for your LinkedIn posts:

The first step you need to create your post. Write your preferred text, or if you miss any good ideas, AI Assist can help you write a killer copy for your post. Also, add hashtags based on your content keywords. Here is a great article explaining the importance of LinkedIn hashtags.

Drag and drop your media, or use the Canva and Unsplash integration right away.

Note: You can preview your post anytime, just as shown in the image above.

Social media management tool - Publer for LinkedIn

After finishing your content, you can hit Schedule or use some of the options such as AutoSchedule, Recycle and Recurring. If you want to know more about what these options mean, read our features.

Back to scheduling! When you click Schedule, then you have to select the time. You can choose from the best times to post on our Analytics feature. (We will talk about that later.)

Publer scheduling

Next, keep an eye on your analytical data on LinkedIn. Publer gives you a lot of metrics to check your post performance, reach engagement, top countries, etc.

In this way, you’ll better understand your audience, detect posts that aren’t performing and correct your strategy. This will give you an idea of what to schedule for future posts.

Publer metrics - performance

Consider leveraging the Analytics feature to identify the optimal posting times aligned with your audience’s engagement patterns. Taking into account these insights, you can effectively enhance the growth of your LinkedIn profile.

leveraging the Analytics feature

Wrapping Up

Now that you know gained a deeper understanding of the different approaches to scheduling LinkedIn content, both through LinkedIn’s scheduler and a social media management tool, you can now make an informed decision on the most suitable solution for your needs.

If you’d like to explore further, you can begin by accessing Publer’s free plan and personally experience the app’s features.

Schedule, manage, and analyze your LinkedIn posts with Publer.

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