The Best 7 YouTube Description Ideas (+Templates)

August 04, 2023
The Best YouTube Description Ideas

YouTube Description Ideas can vary according to your channel’s content, but they generally fall into two categories: YouTube Channel Descriptions and YouTube Video Descriptions.

A YouTube Channel Description is the equivalent of a website’s ‘about’ section. It tells the viewer about the general theme and the type of content one might expect to find on the YouTube Channel.

A YouTube Video Description is the description below a video on YouTube. It will contain information about the video (what it is about, why they should watch the content, etc.) β€” and this information is crucial because it will be indexed and searched by YouTube algorithms which then get ranked and shown to YouTube users in their searches for videos.

Youtube Description ideas from Publer's video.

Great YouTube description ideas suggest having the power to boost the number of views, increase video view times, and bring in new channel subscriptions. In addition to optimizing descriptions for SEO, consider how YouTube advertising can further enhance visibility and attract more subscribers. You can also monetize YouTube Shorts, giving you another way to earn from your content.

This means that YouTube’s search algorithms will scan your YouTube description and connect you with viewers that watch similar content by suggesting your videos and YouTube channel.

YouTube Description Ideas

What Is Your Video About?

When thinking about YouTube description ideas, remember that your short summary is the primary way that the YouTube algorithm understands what your video is about. It will index and rank your video based on what words you include in the video description.

You get 5,000 characters to enter a detailed description of what your video is about, including external links to resources. You can use this character allocation to include a condensed text description of the key points of your video.

Youtube Description ideas and how to write them

Also, add relevant and accurate keywords in the video description. For instance, say you want to make a video game review, use gaming-related words and phrases in your description, such as “here’s how to beat Bowser in Super Mario Bros. 3 for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System).” You can better utilize the YouTube creator tools when you think of YouTube descriptions with an SEO mindset.

youtube description ideas

1: Show Some Personality

While it is necessary to consider getting picked up by YouTube’s algorithms when thinking of YouTube description ideas, you must remember that you are still writing for a human audience. So, one of the most important steps when checking for Youtube description ideas, is to keep in mind that your personality will make the difference.

It can harm your chances of ranking in a YouTube search if you pepper your YouTube video descriptions with a string of SEO keywords that don’t make sense when read by a person. Writing in a natural and engaging voice is still vital if you want to hook in the human audience that will be reading your YouTube descriptions.

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2: Keyword Research

Research keywords using tools such as Google Trends and Google Ads Keyword Planner. It’s one of the best pro tips when creating a list of Youtube description ideas. These tools will show you if a keyword you have in mind is trending and which keywords are most searched by users.

Also, combine keywords to increase the visibility of your video. You can try Googling the keyword combination you have to see if YouTube videos come near the top of the first page of the search results.

When adding keywords to your YouTube description, use two to three related keywords in both the video and channel descriptions. Also, add the main keyword to the video’s title. Take care not to overdo it, as YouTube penalizes you for spamming descriptions with keywords, but be sure to repeat each keyword twice in the description.

Try to include your keywords within the first three sentences of your description to maximize the number of eyeballs on your keywords β€” if you don’t do this, you risk having the keywords cut off and buried behind the “SHOW MORE” break in the description.

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3: Add Value

Creators on YouTube upload the equivalent of 82 years of content every day. Each YouTube video has an enormous amount of competition; while getting each detail down pat is vital, such as quality YouTube description ideas and the best time to post, none of that matters if the video fails to provide value.

Be explicit about what your video will offer the viewer. Will they benefit from new knowledge? Will they learn something they never knew? What will entertain them? Why should they watch and like your video? Then subscribe to your YouTube Channel. When they see this upfront in the video description, the viewer will likely watch your video for longer.

Youtube Description ideas in showing your personality and adding value to your channel.

4: Use Hashtags

Note and underline this very well: “Hashtags are vital in all Youtube description ideas”!

Using YouTube Hashtags gives the viewer an instant insight into the main topics of the video content. If the hashtags displayed above your video title match the information or type of content they are seeking, they will be more likely to stay on your video.

Video hashtags also help your video get placed in search results by the YouTube algorithm, and while you can add as many as 15 of them, only the first three hashtags are displayed above your video title.

5: Add Links

Adding links to resources that help the viewer understand or appreciate your own YouTube video content can add value to your video. It’s almost a rule in all Youtube description ideas. You can also promote yourself, your brand, or your business by adding links to your website, social media channels and blogs, and links to your other YouTube videos.

6: Timestamps

The key to all Youtube description ideas you might read online is about facilitating users’ experience. Adding timestamps is a great way to add value to your video. When a video gets in-depth, the runtime often stretches into dozens of minutes or even an hour. Using timestamps, separate your video into sections or de facto chapters that neatly divide related but separate themes or subtopics. This makes it easier for the user to find specific parts of a video, and this user-friendly feature can encourage users to stay, pushing up your watch time and nudging your video’s ranking in YouTube and Google searches.

For example, a time stamp list in a description for a computer strip-down tutorial might read:

00:00 – Intro

01:34 – Required tools and materials

06:25 – Opening the computer case

08:43 – Cleaning dust off internal components

11:38 – Dismantling coolant system

15:58 – How to remove fan casings

18:22 – How to remove memory cards

19:39 – How to remove the video card  

24:30 – How to remove the motherboard

32:15 – How to remove the power source

These timestamps make it more convenient for the viewer on YouTube to find the exact segment they’re looking for, and also in Google itself. When someone searches “how to remove fan casings” in Google, your video will appear in the search results with the desired timestamp highlighted for them. Timestamps are yet another way to boost your YouTube video’s SEO.

Here’s another great example:

YouTube Description Ideas With Samples

Now that we have gone over these youtube description ideas and you have the know-how to write compelling YouTube descriptions let’s conclude this article by looking at some basic templates for YouTube Channel Descriptions and YouTube Video Descriptions. 

Developing YouTube description ideas aims to reduce the setup time for uploading and to optimize your videos. You must insert some keywords and tweak the wording in your YouTube descriptions before you upload your content.

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YouTube Channel Description Templates

Use these as a starting point or baseline to develop your unique style of composing an effective channel and YouTube Description ideas:


“Hey there. My name is [Name], and I have the secrets to altering your perspective to change the way you think about [blank] completely. If you want to approach the problem of [blank] from a new, innovative angle and achieve amazing results, subscribe to my channel.”


“[Insert Company Name] is a leading company in the [blank] industry. We pride ourselves in [insert what your company does], and part of our mission is to share our expertise in [field] with you. To learn more about how to [blank], subscribe to our channel. “

YouTube Video Description Templates


“This video summarizes what NOT to do when doing [blank]!  

When doing [blank], it’s important not to lose focus on these three key points. In this video, you will learn how to do X, Y, and Z so that you do not fall behind your competition.


“In this video, I will go over the five steps I went through to become an expert at [blank]. If you are genuinely interested in becoming the best at [blank], subscribe to my channel and stick to my plan and advice! I can help you get there.”

Don’t forget to add your YouTube Channel and social media accounts for a better visibility.

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