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How To Get More Likes On Facebook Without Buying Them!

October 12, 2022
How to get more likes on Facebook

Being popular online equals success, sales, and conversions. Do you find it tempting to easily obtain high impressions on posts? Do you struggle between obtaining high results legitimately or buying likes like everyone else? If you’re still wondering how to get more likes on Facebook, you should continue reading 15 more effective suggestions. 

Why It’s Not A Good Idea To Buy Facebook Likes?

Before breaking down 15 effective methods you can implement in your digital marketing strategies and learn how to get more likes on Facebook, you need to understand why you shouldn’t follow the same path as many of your competitors. 

It Lowers Engagement

You’re buying likes to make your posts look highly relevant to a specific target audience. The trick stands in the accuracy of this audience. Those fake likes are bots or irrelevant Facebook profiles from a generic audience, not actual customers interested in your products and services who interact with your posts. Therefore, many fake likes mean a lower engagement rate for your posts.

Penalties ie: Facebook Jail

In many aspects of life, breaking the rules feels good till you get caught! It happens to your competitors or other businesses who take advantage of fake likes on their Facebook posts. 

Most fake likes are real accounts by paid people to like certain pages, bots that automatically like pages, sold accounts, or compromised accounts infected with malware and managed by a third party. Facebook has established an abuse-detecting team that identifies and blocks accounts with fake interactions on their posts.

Some fake moments of fame can be satisfying, but once Facebook’s team detects your way of becoming popular, you’ll risk penalizing your brand by blocking it temporarily or removing it permanently. Thus, it’s best to focus in alternative methods in how to get more likes on Facebook without buying them.

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You Blow Your Ad Budget (if you have one)

You’re wasting your funds if you’re buying Facebook likes while investing in a well-thought ad budget. Because you pay ads for a real audience expected to turn into customers, on the other hand, buying likes leads to bots or irrelevant followers. Fake FB likes for your posts will harm every ad’s performance.

In other words, fake FB likes will limit the potential of future ad campaigns and direct your budget into a total waste instead of interested customers on your products/services. Therefore, opting for a precise marketing strategy targeting real users with a particular ad budget is much more effective in boosting sales and building clients’ networks than buying fake likes. 

It Can Hinder Marketing Efforts

A professional marketing team will never suggest buying likes as they know their negative impact in the long run. Hire specialists who know how to get more likes on Facebook without buying them. Use that budget wisely!

Your marketing team carefully develops a strategy based on the existing insights on your Facebook page. Buying FB profiles for fake likes will blow away their efforts in targeting ads according to deep analysis and demographics. Fake profiles will complicate your marketing team’s efforts in finding the accurate target audience leading to less wanted long-term results.

It’s Just Not A Good Look

A brand’s transparency is vital to building a loyal online network of customers and followers. Users know the tricks that businesses implement to boost their sales, so don’t fall into the trap that they will never find out about your brand’s actual popularity. Once your existing audience finds out you’re buying fake Facebook profiles, you’ve lost many potential customers. Why?

A great company with such good potential doing fake tricks to grab users’ attention feels like there’s something wrong with the management, products, or services. 

Something to remember in online business is that customers quickly spread the word among their network, whether for a good or bad purpose. This will decrease your current reputation and cause you to lose more than your existing clients. 

Users who spot companies doing such tricks but don’t actually have an IT background will also feel frightened that their account might be hacked, immediately blocking and reporting your company to Facebook’s team. 

15 Ways How To Get More Likes On Facebook Quickly (For Real)

how to get more likes on facebook

Since Facebook’s algorithm tends to put on top of users’ feeds only relevant content, your posts will qualify as appropriate only if you obtain a high organic engagement with real customers in your brand’s industry.

It might sound challenging to accomplish high results through an organic marketing strategy of connecting with customers on the platform, but it’s not impossible. We will summarize and suggest to you 15 methods on how to get more likes on Facebook without buying them.

Spread the word that you are on Facebook 

Whether you’ve just started using Facebook or have a simple Facebook Business page, you should spread the word about your presence. This is the easiest method among suggestions in how to get more likes on Facebook. The best way we can suggest to let your audience know you’re on Facebook is by adding your social media links to your website. This is how you expand your chances of getting into the eye of international users. 

Before you go international, sending a cute announcing note to the existing email list is also a smart move. You can either include social media icons in your email footer text or directly announce to your contacts and tell them to follow your Facebook page. 

Run Facebook Ads

The fastest and highly recommended method to get likes on Facebook without buying them is to obtain followers interested in your brand. How? Implement Facebook ads and reach out to targeted audiences based on demographics, age, and interests. There are various types of ads to engage with your aimed audience. 

Keep in mind that Facebook ads don’t simply show your content to users. They will probably like and follow your brand on Facebook if it’s an attractive post. 

Make it Visible with a FB Like Widget

The best thing you can do online is to make your intentions obvious, especially when you are trying to learn how to get more likes on Facebook. Add a Facebook-like widget to your e-commerce website so visitors to your page will clearly see where they can follow up with your posts. 

publer facebook scheduler and platform

Post Updated and Attention Grabbing Content

Your users are mainly online to seek information and get updated on the latest trends. Two types of content grab your users’ attention: proven, data-driven content and flash news. 

The first type of content implies resharing posts that have already been audience-tested and have reached millions of users. If you opt for the same results, you might reuse your previous content. 

At Publer, we publish a social media holiday calendar monthly among the most wanted content to inspire our users. 

Check the Social Media Holiday Calendar for October 2022!

The second type of content suggests posting the latest news related to your industry by being an online educational, entertaining, valuable, up-to-date, relevant entrepreneur or a business owner. 

Check out our social media news section!

Diversify your posts

Combining both types of content (proven, data-driven posts and latest updates) with a unique tone of voice will lead to attractive, diversified posts and a relevant digital presence for your brand. The key is to post consistently, build an eye-catching design and always add friendly call-to-action buttons to engage with your audience. 

Analyze and Schedule Posts at Peak Hours

Do you believe in the right timing? Good! Because it applies to digital marketing more than anything else! Analyzing your existing strategy’s performance and defining the best time to post is the key to achieving high results organically!

If you’re struggling with the effectiveness of these methods on how to get more likes on Facebook, you might need to check your posting hours.

The perfect time to post differs among industries, but with Publer, you will get the right insights for your brand. Whether your users are early birds or night owls, Publer’s analytics feature is your most significant guide before scheduling your posts.

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best times to post on facebook

Don’t Neglect Video Content

The most engaging type of content is video marketing. What might seem like time-consuming content it’s actually the best type of post you can share online for your business. Every business online that posts videos of their office, store, products, and services obtain a higher level of sales and engagement from an international audience compared to pictures or text-based posts. Posting videos is the most straightforward method if you’re looking for easy ways to get likes on Facebook without buying them. 

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Integrate Facebook Live into Your Strategy

As mentioned in the section above, videos are highly preferred online. Still, the most viral videos have always been Facebook Live videos. Going live on Facebook will undoubtedly impact your users by building a stronger relationship between your company and your client’s network. Facebook Live videos are the most direct and transparent method to inform and convince your audience about your products/services. The best suggestion we can provide to everyone wanting to learn how to get more likes on Facebook is to go live on FB. That’s because all Facebook Live videos get shown on the Facebook Live Map, which leads to a broader audience and more Facebook likes.

Learn How To Go Live On Facebook: The Beginner’s Guide

Use Automation Tools

The best thing about technology is facilitating our work and providing equal opportunities to succeed everyone worldwide. Therefore, marketing tools are only one click away from handling specific parts of a workflow, and take your time to be more creative or manage other aspects of your business. For instance, Publer will automatically share your scheduled posts by reducing your time in manually posting on different social media channels. Automation tools are legally helpful in learning how to get more likes on Facebook.

Create Viral Content with Customized Hashtags

The goal of posting online is to build your brand’s identity and expand your brand’s awareness internationally. Therefore, going viral with a funny meme or innovative labeling of your products is the ideal key to success. Once you go viral, you won’t need other methods to get likes on Facebook. One element that will boost your reach and engagement in going viral is the customized hashtags. They are another must-have element in building your brand’s identity. #PublerNation is our favorite bespoke hashtag! It symbolizes our existing network and more users joining us worldwide!

publer features

Host a Giveaway to Increase Followers

Don’t you love feeling lucky once in a while? The same works for your audience as well! Creativity helps, but treating people (gift cards, for example) is the simplest way to reach out to them. Giveaways are the best posts to increase followers and realize how to get more likes on Facebook organically through real FB accounts. 

Check our Giveaway Ideas Guide, Powered by Publer

Partner with Influencers

We bet you’ve done some research for inspirational ideas to post on your business Facebook page. Well, if you have a list of your favorite influencers and digital content creators, we’d suggest you use those accounts as more than just an inspirational source.

If you’re looking for the easiest method on how to get more likes on Facebook, then partnering with influencers is the smartest move for a real businessman/businesswoman. If you like them, your users will probably enjoy their content, and your future clients will undoubtedly be among those influencers’ audiences. Just keep in mind to find out the most relevant content creators for your industry. 

Collaborate with other Facebook Pages

Part of your initial research was probably listing other competitors on Facebook. The most respectful winner is the one who collaborates and learns from previous businesses in the respective industry. Learn from other Facebook pages how to get more likes on Facebook and how did they succeed. Interacting with other older businesses through tags, comments, or private messages is a must-learn attitude to adopt in your efforts how to get more likes on Facebook. 

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Immigrate your Audience from Other Platforms

Social media sometimes is all about habits! Young marketers tend to be more creative with short Tweets or IG Reels. So, you could build a bigger audience on Twitter or Instagram before Facebook, and that’s fine if you are willing to push cross-promotion and link the Facebook page to your other socials. Another easy method on how to get more likes on Facebook is promoting your FB page on other socials as well.

Interact with Customers

Most businesses fail to understand their clients’ demands because they don’t interact with their customers. While trying different methods on how to get more likes on Facebook, don’t forget to pay attention to what your audience actually likes on Facebook.

Engaging with polls, direct questions, tags, and even funny memes will positively influence humanizing your brand. To sell your products, you need to understand what your potential customers are looking for in their next orders.

Key Takeaways 

Buying likes is not explicitly illegal, but Facebook policies do not recommend it. Is everyone else violating these policies? Sometimes breaking the rules is not smart, although the results might seem satisfying initially. It will negatively impact your much-wanted digital success if you don’t play by Facebook’s rules. Thus, we have listed 15 alternative methods on how to get more likes on Facebook by real profiles without buying bots.

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